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 FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions. Tajikistan

What is the best time to visit Tajikistan

The best time to visit Tajikistan is from May to the middle of October.


 It is not recommended to drink raw water, even if the local people say that it is esculent. It is insistently recommended to wash fruits and vegetables before use. 


The basis of the Tajik cuisine are dishes of rice and beans. Different kinds of flat bread substitute bread itself. The favorite food of the Tajiks is plov and manti. Some dishes have their own characteristics to prepare. For example, meat, onion and vegetables are fried in powdered form till half readiness, and then they are diluted with water or broth and cooked until full readiness. Many second courses have a semi-liquid consistency. You should be ready to the fact, that most of the dishes of the Tajik cuisine are abundantly seasoned with onion, spices, herbs, sour milk (katyk). The most popular drink is tea - green and black. For the dessert the Tajiks serve fruits, both fresh and dried.

Language of communication in Tajikistan

The state language of Tajikistan is Tajik. Also in big cities the Russian language is spoken. 

Restrictions on clothing in Tajikistan

There are no special rules on clothing. But when visiting the religious places, mosques, mausoleums and others it is not recommended to bare shoulders and knees. 

Mobile communication in Tajikistan

The list of main mobile operators in Tajikistan: Public Corporation "Tajiktelecom",  Public Corporation "MegaFon", Close Corporation "Indigo Somonkom", LLC "Takom" (trade name - Beeline).

Visa to Tajikistan

Visa to Tajikistan.


 Line voltage in Tajikistan is 220 volt. Frequency: 50 Hz.

Tajik money

Somoni is the Tajik currency. You can change money at the airport or in hotels, in most banks of Dushanbe and Khujand (outside many banks may not even have an exchange department, so you should take care about it in advance), or in exchange offices in all cities of the country. Due to the constantly riding dollar rate, you should exchange money as required. The use of credit cards and traveler's checks is almost impossible, except for international hotels and large shopping centers in Dushanbe. There are automatic cash terminals (ATMs) in Dushanbe and Khujand, but their number is limited.
There is a rule to bargain at the bazaars and markets, in shops the prices are fixed. The prices for handicrafts of local masters, which are sold both in stores and in small markets, are low.

Climate in Tajikistan

The climate in Tajikistan is very diverse. The climate is subtropical in the valleys, and it is cold in the mountains. That is why it is possible to grow sun-loving crops. In the high mountains of Tajikistan there are large clusters of snow and ice.