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  • Day tour to Panjikent from Tashkent! Discover the charming beauty of the ancient town located in Tajikistan. Get a short...
    Days: 1
    Nights: 1
    From: $39
  • Let's have a tour to one of the most beautiful part of Tajikistan!
    Days: 6
    Nights: 5
    From: $0
  • Our journey leads to Central Asian Pompeii (Penjikent) and other ancient cities of Tajikistan!
    Days: 8
    Nights: 7
    From: $1130
  • Don’t miss the opportunity to visit one of the biggest city in Tajikistan for only 1 day!
    Days: 1
    Nights: 0
    From: $120
  • We offer the best one day tour to Dushanbe and saying - you won't be disappointed!
    Days: 1
    Nights: 0
    From: $100
  • Welcome to the Pamir Mountains, the "Roof of the World"
    Days: 9
    Nights: 8
    From: $0
  • Spend weekends near beautiful Iskanderkul lake that is a true pearl of Fan Mountains
    Days: 1
    Nights: 0
    From: $0

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20 january 2017
11 february 2016

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