Tours To Uzbekistan

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No matter what way you choose to visit this country - our group or personal tours or even adventure trips - we`re still glad to see that you came and exploring Uzbekistan with us! Our tours to Uzbekistan and Central Asia look like sorting through a pearl necklace - each part is beautiful and not worse than others.

The ancient cities of Silk Road are something like diamonds on top of this necklace - Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Merv and Panjakent - each city has its own secrets, beautiful views, and charm. Most of these places offer different activities such as handcrafting coaching, skiing, riding on camels or rare breed horses, exploring Aral Sea and leftovers of it, birdwatching etc.

We offering individual travel packages for groups/duos/solo tourists to other famous places like Chimgan, Margilan, Beldersay, Fergana Valley, Kyzylkym Desert, Aral Sea & Muynak, Nurata & other Uzbekistan mountains.