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Archive of Blog: July 2015

Museum of Khorog
Published: 16 july 2015

Khorog is unique city that is called the roof of the world by local people. This region is mountainous and even in summer snow remains on slopes. But not only nature attracts tourists to this region. There’s an interesting museum situated in the main street of Khorog. Museum of Khorog It’s a one-story building that is a museum founded by Kyrgyzbek Khushkadamov in 1944. When you come into the museum you can see primitive man sitting in a cave that represents the beginning of the history of Pamir. There’s also handicraft sector in the museum where tourists can learn about mill and mortar instruments from different parts of Central Asia. It’s interesting but you can see even mousetrap there – because mice were very harmful to the economy and local people tried to defend their resources for winter. Interesting items But the most interesting item in the museu...

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