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Archive of Blog: June 2013

Tajik national clothes
Published: 03 june 2013

Depending on the area of residence, traditional Tajik clothing differs only in details. So, men’s clothes consists of a wide cotton shirt, loose pants, robe, belt, skullcap and turban. Shirt was worn outside tying with belt. Also it was worn robe of color or striped cotton fabric. An important detail of the costume was knitted stockings - "dzhurab" and leather boots with soft soles - "choruk". In mountainous areas, men wore soft high boots, stockings - "mahsi", which were worn leather overshoes. Lightweight and unlined robe was worn in summer, and warm coat quilted to bottom was worn in winter.   Skullcap is a headdress.  It was low conical cap decorated with colored embroidery. In the mountain area men wore turban. The square black skullcap with white embroidery became popular in XX century. Later it became a major part of women's headdress.   Women's clothes&n...

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