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Archive of Blog: December 2013

Tajik national park
Published: 05 december 2013

  Tajik national park was established on July 20, 1992 by Government of the Republic of Tajikistan. Its main purpose is the preservation of unique nature resources, endangers species of flora and fauna, as well as natural monuments of history and culture.     Here, in this beautiful corner of the world, you can admire the landscape of green valleys and majestic mountains. First of all, Tajik National Park is beautiful alpine meadows, lakes with clear water, mountain forests. You can also see here rare species of animals such as bears, snow leopards, marmots and birds of prey. Its total area is 2.6 million hectares, including Badahshan Autonomous Region, Tavildar and Dzhirgatal areas, as well as the central part of the Pamir-Alai with many mountain ranges. Its territory is specially protected natural area in Tajikistan. There are alpine lakes such as Karakul and Sarez, moun...

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