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Archive of Blog: April 2015

Tranditional costume nowadays
Published: 13 april 2015

There’re 2 types of traditional costume in Tajikistan: the Northern and the Southern. The composition of both Tajiks costumes is the same, but ornamentation and semantics of many motifs, decorations and forms of headwear differed.   Women’s dress Modern designers are interested in traditional Tajik dress because of its functionality, comfort, simplicity and beauty. The main components of women’s costume are shirt dress, belted clothing (sharvar), kerchiefs of scarves and headdress (skullcap – tupi). One of the main parts of Tajik women’s costume is belted clothing in the form of the sharvar. They fastened at the waist with a belt made of braid, threaded through at the top of the trousers. The sharvar’s existence in modern dress indicates that they are standart because of its convenience, function, beauty and the format. Monochrome fabrics are mo...

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