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Tajik culture

Museum of Khorog
Rubric: Tajik culture

Khorog is unique city that is called the roof of the world by local people. This region is mountainous and even in summer snow remains on slopes. But not only nature attracts tourists to this region. ...

Tranditional costume nowadays
Rubric: Tajik culture

There’re 2 types of traditional costume in Tajikistan: the Northern and the Southern. The composition of both Tajiks costumes is the same, but ornamentation and semantics of many motifs, decorat...

Tajik wedding
Rubric: Tajik culture

As is known, wedding is one of the major events in the life of every man. Today we would like to tell you about the traditions and customs of the Kyrgyz wedding. Unlike the other Central Asian people,...

Cultural heritage of the Tajik people
Rubric: Tajik culture

The national culture of Tajikistan has ancient history. The Tajiks consider themselves as the informants and keepers of thousand-year-old traditions, related to the culture of the whole Persian-speaki...

National holidays of Tajikistan
Rubric: Tajik culture

In Tajikistan, as in all Muslim countries, the most common and solemn festivals are Nowruz, Kurban and Ramadan, as well as Independence Day and New Year.Idi Kurban or Feast of Sacrifice is celebrated ...

Tajik national clothes
Rubric: Tajik culture

Depending on the area of residence, traditional Tajik clothing differs only in details. So, men’s clothes consists of a wide cotton shirt, loose pants, robe, belt, skullcap and turban. Shir...