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Nature of Tajikistan

Valley of Forty Girls
Published: 11 february 2016

 Nature is the main attractions of Tajikistan and no one can stay indifferent of it. They are emerald lakes of Fan Mountains, scenic national parks, healing hot springs and others. Childuhtaron Valley located in the south of Tajikistan is also interesting place to visit. Its main attraction is unusual pyramid-shaped rocks. They proudly rise above the valley, reminding proud slender girls. The height of the rocks is more than 60 meters. Legends  Childuhtaron Valley translated as Valley of Forty girls and there’s interesting legend about it. According to it, 40 towering over the valley rocks were once beautiful and charming girls. But one day valley was captured by invaders and girls were taken as concubines.  Girls prayed and asked Allah to turn them into silent stones. From that time we can see these beautiful pyramid-shaped rocks here. There’s another legend a...

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Lenin Peak
Published: 16 october 2014

Lenin Peak is one of the highest mountain peaks in the Pamirs, located on the border of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, in Zaalaskiy Range. Height of the peak is 7134 meters. The first descriptions of the top were made by the outstanding Russian traveler A.P. Fedchenko in 1871. I t was known as Kaufman peak until 1928, after it was renamed toLenin Peak. This year there were made the first climbing by German alpinists. There is a plateau on the top of the peak. The climate is continental.Sumeris short and cold. The daily temperature is so unstable that can vary from +50 degrees Celsius till -30 degree.  Lenin Peak is a huge array, from the northern and southern slopes of which run down a lot of glaciers:Lenin Peak(length 13.5 km) Large Saukdara (20.6 km). Northern and southern slopes are very dangerous, so most of the researchers avoid it. The best time for climbing is August month. On th...

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Tajik national park
Published: 05 december 2013

  Tajik national park was established on July 20, 1992 by Government of the Republic of Tajikistan. Its main purpose is the preservation of unique nature resources, endangers species of flora and fauna, as well as natural monuments of history and culture.     Here, in this beautiful corner of the world, you can admire the landscape of green valleys and majestic mountains. First of all, Tajik National Park is beautiful alpine meadows, lakes with clear water, mountain forests. You can also see here rare species of animals such as bears, snow leopards, marmots and birds of prey. Its total area is 2.6 million hectares, including Badahshan Autonomous Region, Tavildar and Dzhirgatal areas, as well as the central part of the Pamir-Alai with many mountain ranges. Its territory is specially protected natural area in Tajikistan. There are alpine lakes such as Karakul and Sarez, moun...

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Pamir Mountains
Published: 08 october 2012

The Pamir Mountains are locally known as Bam-I-Danyan (“World’s roof”, “Pa-mi-ikhr” in Farsi, that can be translated as “the foot of the Sun God”), and once you find yourself in the Pamirs, the origin of these poetic names will immediately appear in the majestic panorama, which will open before your eyes. The Pamirs are the injection, from which the highest mountains in the world branch out, they include the Karakoram and the Himalayas in the South, the Hindu Kush in the West and the Tian Shan in the Northeast. The net of deep and wide valleys lies between mountain peaks up to 7,000 meters and higher, numerous plateau cross the gorges of rapid mountain streams, and the steeps, which are deformed with the titanic forces of the earth shine like a rainbow from the output ledges; but the Pamirs, unfortunately, are too high for human settlement, it is...

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