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 Hazratishoh Mausoleum

Hazratishoh Mausoleum is the tomb of holy man Hazrati Shokh, the cousin of the prophet Mukhammad. This sacred place is located in the old part of Istaravshan city. The complex consists of three cultic buildings: Hazratishoh Mausoleum, Hazratishoh Mosque and Khudoyor Valam Mausoleum. Each of these buildings was built at different times and has its own separate history. Construction of the mausoleum dates back to the XVIII century.

 There is a spring not far from the mausoleum. People believe that the holy spring water heals all diseases. According to legend, the spring appeared here after the saint Hazratishoh was buried here. After his death there was erected a mausoleum, which later became a place of worship for believers. It is known, there used to be a square in front of the mausoleum, where were held holidays festivities, as well as cockfights.

 Hazratishoh mausoleum is one of the most ancient sites inTajikistan. Today Hazratishoh mausoleum is a brick building with the tomb (gurkhan) and the chapel (ziyarothon). The architecture of the mausoleum is quite simple; it is not adorned with a painting or tiles. The building was repeatedly restored. The archeologists excavate this place regularly, as the burials of cult complex are the real findings for scientists around the world. 

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