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The anniversary of Hissar.

Published: 23 may 2013

On the 1st of March in 2012 was put decree by the Government of Tajikistan on celebrating of the 3000th anniversary of Hissar in order to "ensure the safety and protection of historical monuments". The celebration of this date is scheduled for September 10, 2015. Members of the organizing committee are requested to prepare and submit to the government plan on the occasion of this celebration.

One of the main attractions of Tajikistan is Hissar historical and cultural reserve. Under this name architectural and archaeological monuments of different eras are combined. According to archaeological finds, life in this place started in IV-III millennium BC, in the Stone Age. During this period, the city had only two madrasas, a central market and more than a dozen mosques. At the beginning of XX century was started the construction of a modern Hissar.