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Lakes of Tajikistan

Karakul lake
Published: 20 january 2017

The greatest lake of the Pamir is the salt unique lake Karakul. It is situated at an altitude of 3914 meters above sea level. Its depth is 236 meters. It is considered that the lake appeared during the ice age and the bottom of the lake and several of its shores for many kilometers are covered by permafrost. It's interesting! Karakul is translated as “Black lake”. But the water level of Karakul is not black (as its name is translated), it is ultramarine, blue, green, depending  on refraction of light, which falls on the clear water surface. But besides the picturesque view, one can meet pasturing yaks.  There are only small kinds of fish, such as loaches, in the lake. Karakul environs have no exuberant vegetation, but, nevertheless, the Karakul lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world - the blue shimmering surface, in which the high rugged peaks of the...

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Iskanderkul lake
Published: 19 may 2014

The Iskanderkul lake is situated in the Fann Mountains, in the separated mountain region, which is located in the North of Tajikistan, between the Gissar and Zeravshan ranges of the Pamir-Alay, at an altitude of 2200 meters.As the legends tell, the Iskanderkul lake got its name in honor of Alexander the Great, who in the East was known as Iskander Zulkarnay (two-horned Iskander). The word “Kul” means “lake”, hence “Iskanderkul” appeared.  Alexander of Macedon supposedly was here on his way from Central Asia to India.There are two legends about appearing this lake. The first legend tells that during the Indian march Alexander the Great came across the settlement, which didn’t want to give up. Then he ordered to direct the riverbeds on this settlement and to drown it. As a result the lake appeared.Another legend is more poetic. It tells that d...

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