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 Rudaki Mausoleum

Rudaki mausoleum is located in the village Pandzhrud, about 60 km east of Pendjikent city. Abu Abdullah Rudaki lived at the end of IX - beginning of X century, during the reign of Samanids dynasty, he was not only a great poet, but also a talented singer and musician. The mausoleum of the great poet was built in 1958.

 The founder of classical Tajik poetry wrote his famous works in Dari, using Arabic alphabet. Unfortunately, we know a little about the life of the great writer, it is also unknown where he was buried. The building of the mausoleum was built of red brick, the dome is decorated with blue tiles, that was specific for architecture of ancient Central Asian constructions. The entrance to the mausoleum is opened by brick arch with massive wooden gates.

 The outstanding poet, who made a great contribution not only to the Tajik poetry, but also in the eastern culture, spent the last days of his life in poverty and died in 941. Today Rudaki sculpture is one of the main decorations of Dushanbe city.

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