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Tajikistan became one of the most recommended tourist countries.

Published: 09 january 2014
  A well-known tourist portal Globe Spots reports, Tajikistan entered the top ten countries recommended for tourists visiting this year. Tajikistan, which took the second place, was between Malta and Romania. After visiting this beautiful country, tourists and travelers will be able to see real exotic and get great pleasure.

  According to travelers, there are very friendly people in this country, and to get to Tajikistan is an interesting adventure. Here you can also see the majestic snow mountains, blue lakes, rocky valley. One of the most remarkable and memorable journeys can rightly be considered a trip to the Pamir highway, which runs through the south-eastern region. This kind of extreme route becomes popular among fans of dangerous adventures, including cyclists.

  Recall that in the previous 2013, according to the Globe Spots, neighboring Kyrgyzstan took third place in exotic tourism.